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Here are examples of just some of the scripts Scotty Matthews has written for a variety of clients. Scotty Matthews has written over 5000 radio commercials spanning every category of business.


Chandler Automotive
:60 Radio "Letters to Chandler/Andrea"
SM 011/10/03

Voice Over: Andrea Cornwall of Clay writes, "Dear Chandler Automotive, I was driving by your lot on Sunday in my old car, and I realized it might be time for something new. I even saw one car I really liked as I passed by, but then as I drove, I began to think about all the arrangements that would have to be made... the financing, the insurance, and all those confusing DMV forms. I like that car, but I don't know if I have time to take care of all the paperwork right now. What do you recommend? Best Wishes, Andrea." Well, Andrea, you'll be happy to know that Chandler Automotive is all about eliminating the hassles. That's why they have bank financing available right on the lot. It's why they'll handle the insurance arrangements for you. It's why they fill-out all those DMV forms for you-so you don't have to. All you have to do is browse in undisturbed comfort till you find exactly the car you want. And Chandler Automotive makes it easy and affordable. Andrea, thanks for writing, and thanks for shopping Chandler Automotive, just past Northern Pines Golf Course on route 31 in Cicero.

Doctor Halliday
:60 "Lois testimonial"
051204 SM

Announcer: Have you ever heard…
Karen: Are you alright? You look… tired.
Announcer: Time is your enemy. Every day, another wrinkle. But if you're tired of looking tired, discover what Doctor Halliday can do for you…
Lois: I had a lot of wrinkles on my forehead; I had horrible eyelids that hung down so my eyes would hardly open. Wasn't always a pretty picture! I had Really bad spider veins. A lot of people who have rosatia don't even leave their homes, they're so embarrassed about it. So I've had that eliminated through the laser surgery with the Candela laser. That, and then the Botox. And I've had Radience, too. The Bluffoplasties; people were surprised that I didn't have the fine lines or the wrinkles or the bags. Such positive feedback feels really good. Doctor Halliday really does a wonderful job. I see someone that looks like the younger me. I feel good. I feel good about myself. Yeah.
Announcer: Dr. Douglas Halliday is a board certified plastic surgeon with many services for the aging face. Call 471-8404 today, and discover a younger you!
(Tag / changeable)
Ask about the free informational seminar, may 25th at 7 p.m. Call 471-8404 now and reserve your seat today!


East Coast Resorts
1 x :60 radio "Do the Math"
02/11/04 SM

Businessman #1: Hi Jay! Did I tell you I just went on the internet and found myself a great deal on a vacation condo rental in Orlando. I only paid...
(SFX, writing on paper.)
Businessman #2: That's great Ray. Did I tell you about my membership with East Coast Resorts?
1: Yeah, but that's just Bass Lake Resort in Parish...
2: Plus resorts all over the U.S., and a lot more besides. For instance, they got me an unbelievable deal on a vacation condo in Fort Lauderdale.
1: But Jay, I don't need a membership anywhere when I can go online and get a price like this.
2: (laughs) Uh, did I mention the whole Fort Lauderdale vacation, airfare and everything, was only...
(SFX: writing on paper)
1: Okay, but how much was the East Coast Resorts membership?
(SFX: writing on paper.)
2: That's all?
1: Now you're getting the picture.
2: I paid too much.
1: Did I mention I'm going on an Alaskan cruise, and it only cost me...
(SFX--writing fast on paper)
2: I'm gonna... go back to the office now.
Announcer: East Coast Resorts, vacations done right. Call 625-4101 to find out how much you can save on your vacations! That's 625-4101. A new and unique concept in travel and leisure... East coast Resorts, 625-4101.


Jerry Session, Attorney at Law
:60 Radio "Introducing Jerry Session/Real Estate"
sm 020304

(Music: institutional underscore)
Voice Over: Throughout your life, there are some things you can count on, like buying property. There will be times when you need a well-rounded, experienced attorney. Consider the experience and expertise of Jerry Session, Attorney at Law. His legal background includes extensive courtroom work, and serving as assistant District Attorney of Erie County. Attorney Jerry Session has seen it all. And he can help you with the benefit of his broad legal experience. For everything from real estate to social security, from personal injury law to criminal defense cases, Jerry Session can provide you highly qualified legal representation. If you need a knowledgeable attorney for a routine real estate closing, Jerry Session can represent you for a low introductory fee of just three-fifty plus costs... because Attorney Jerry Session is confident you'll choose to have him by your side for all your legal considerations. Call Jerry Session today for an appointment: 863-7839. That's 863-7839. Call 863-78-39 for Jerry Session, Attorney at Law.


Lyncourt Drugs
1x:60 radio "Pharmacy of Choice / Linda"
SM 022604

Lyncourt's Pharmacist: Recently, Linda -a long time north side resident-went to her usual chain-store pharmacy to get her regular prescription filled. She was shocked to discover that their roof had fallen-in, and the building was fenced off for repairs. She remembered that there was a family-owned local pharmacy just up Teall Ave at the corner of Court Street... Lyncourt Drugs. Hi, I'm Jack Pross, your Lyncourt Drugs family pharmacist. When Lynda came in that day to get her prescription filled, she wasn't sure what to expect. Five minutes later, with her preseciption in hand, she said she was amazed at how fast our service was. ...And she's been coming-in every week since. At Lyncourt Drugs, we never want a customer to wait any longer than necessary. We know you're busy, so we give you prescription top priority. It's just one of the things we do that makes Lyncourt Drugs your pharmacy of choice.
Announcer: Lyncourt drugs, where modern convenience meets caring customer service. Just a short way past Shop City on Teall Avenue at the corner of Court Street. The family you trust when it comes to your family...Lyncourt Drugs, your pharmacy of choice.


Pardee Brothers Preferred Powersports
:60 Radio "For the Trees"
06/02/04 SM

Voice Over: When people ask you why you like to get out in the woods, don't bother trying to explain. They'll never get it. It's the kind of thing that's all about being there. It's the feeling that you're alive-right now. Lose touch with that, and you lose a part of yourself. Yeah, it's hard to explain. Pardee Brothers Preferred Powersports wants you to know that it's okay. The Polaris Sportsman 600 Twin ATV will never ask for an explanation; who needs one when you have on-demand 4-wheel drive? One look at the Polaris Sportsman 700 Twin, and you know it has no time for silly questions. Let's go, it says. Let's get out there. Pardee Brothers Preferred Powersports, just off I-81 in Cicero, invites you to come-in and test-drive any of the Polaris Sportsman ATV's. Check Pardee Brothers Preferred Powersports for all accessories, parts and service too! Ring ring. Hello? Oh, it's for you… It's the woods. Pardee Brothers dot com, Pardee Brothers Preferred Powersports, just off I-81 in Cicero. ATV's can be hazardous to operate. Polaris Models with engine sizes over 90 cc are only for riders 16 and older. Always wear a helmet and be sure to get safety training. Polaris, the way out!


Advanced Water Products
:60 "Free Analysis"
sm 081203

(water pouring SFX)
Announcer: You give it to your children. You wash your hair with it, cook with it, even drink it. So how do you know exactly what's in your tap water? Advanced Water Products will analyze your water for free, so you don't have to wonder whether you water might have excessive hardness, chlorine, iron, lead, sulfur, or other contaminants which could impact your home and health. Advanced Water Products will test your water absolutely free. And they can help if you want to improve your water quality. Imagine bottled-water quality right from your faucet, for just pennies a day! From a countertop filter to a custom-built water softening system, Advanced Water Products has an affordable solution for you. They have financing available, and stand behind every product they sell with 24-hour support. Advanced Water Products... call today for a free, no obligation, in-home water analysis: 1-800 the tank. That's 1-800 the tank. Advanced Wter Products, where you, and your water, are treated professionally. Advanced Water Products, a division of Environmental Products and Services, The environmental Think Tank... Call today, 1-800- the tank.

Eastern Copy Products
:60 radio "The Service Guy"
09/10/01 SM

(Office Background SFX)
Janet: Lisa, look, there's Tony, the computer repair guy again.

Lisa: Hi Tony, it's the big one upstairs… you know where to go.

Tony: Thanks Lisa.

Lisa: Janet, stop staring.

Janet: He looks just like Freddie Prinz Junior. Oh, look, there's Dave the phone repair guy.

Lisa: Hi Dave; the boss can't dial out.

Dave: Oh boy… I know the way.

Janet: He looks a little like Stephen Baldwin. Oh… Shhh…

Lisa: Oh, good morning, sir, how may I help you?

Service Guy: I'm from Eastern Copy Products.

Lisa: Eastern?

Janet: Eastern?

Service Guy: Where your Konica Digital Workgroup Document System came from.

Janet: Somebody called about the copier?

Lisa: Did it break down?

Service Guy: No, it's okay. This is a courtesy visit just to make sure it stays in top shape.

Janet: Mmmm. Top Shape.

Service Guy: The new Konica digital models are very reliable… so you won't see me very often.

Janet & Lisa: (disappointed) Oh.

(music under)
Announcer: Maybe you don't know the Eastern service guy on a first-name basis. That's okay. So long as you remember where to find the new, Konica digital generation of high-quality copier, printer, and fax units. Your authorized Konica and Muratec center is Eastern Copy Products. Call 474-7000 today.

Janet: Don't you think he looks like Brad Pitt?

Lisa: Could be a while before we see him again, unless that machine breaks down.

Janet: So I should order that extra-thick paper?

Lisa: Mmmm Hmmm.

Announcer: Your authorized Konica and Muratek center for both black and white, and full color copying and printers is Eastern Eopy.


ENV Collectibles
:60 radio "Where the Legends Live On!"
SM 102403

(classic sports style music bed)
Voice-Over: A football helmet signed by Dan Marino. A signed jersey from Joe Montana. An autographed photo of Larry Bird. ...Genuine treasures of sports history. Names that will live forever. ENV Collectibles is one of the nation's biggest name in top-quality sports memorabilia, featuring a massive selection one-of-a-kind autographed items from the biggest names in sports. ENV Collectibles also offers hundreds of unique sports memorabilia gifts and collectors items. You're invited to browse a fine selection of rare and exclusive gifts, sure to score big with any sports fan or collector. Like a 16-by-20 Yankees photo, Signed by Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio. Or an autographed 8-by-10 of the Ranger's Mark Messier proudly holding the Stanley Cup. You'll find it all at ENV collectibles, in their brand new store next to Dominos Pizza on route 57 in Liverpool. For 15 years, ENV Collectibles has been the preferred source of high quality, authentic sports memorabilia. So when you go shopping for your sports fan, remember ENV Collectibles next to Dominos Pizza on route 57 in Liverpool. Call 546-B-A-L-L or visit ENV Collectibles dot com. Catch a piece of sports history at ENV Collectibles, where the legends live on!


I.P.A.C.-Psychic Festival
:60 Radio 020101 SM
Week-Of version

(Music Under)

ANCR: What if those psychics and tarot card readers like you see on TV are really onto something? How interesting would it be for you to meet a variety of professional psychics face-to-face… and find out for yourself? Here's your chance! The 11th annual International Psychic Festival returns to Syracuse Holiday Inn this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Meet and choose your own psychic face-to-face, not over a telephone. There will be Tarot card and psychic readings available continuously throughout the festival, with lots more to do as well. From Astrology to Auras, from handwriting analysis to palmistry! Browse a large selection of items from all around the world-crystals, books, mystical items, tye-dyes, incense, and more! You'll enjoy other wonders too… like Reiki Touch Therapy, and workshops on topics like communicating with your personal spirit guide. The International Psychic Festival eleven a.m. to ten p.m. this Friday and Saturday, eleven to seven on Sunday… at the Holiday Inn-7th North and Electronics Parkway, Syracuse. Admission is only six dollars, kids 12 and under free. Come see for yourself!


"The Jalapeno"

(Mariachi music under... City Bus Ambience)
Jalapeno: Excuse me, miss, is this seat taken?

Woman: Uh, no, go right ahead.

Jalapeno: Thanks.

Woman: Hey, can I ask you...

Jalapeno: Yes?

Woman: ...Uh, no, nevermind.

Jalapeno: It's okay, really... what?

Woman: Well, it's just that you look like a Jalapeno pepper.

Jalepeno: A Jalapeno pepper? I am the Jalapeno pepper from the new Jalapeno's authentic Mexican restaraunt. You can call me "Hal".

Woman: I didn't know Syracuse had a new Mexican restaurant.

Jalepeno: Authentic Mexican restaurant. Yes, indeed. Jalapeno's. It's on Collamer Road, a mile west of 481 at exit 17.

Woman: So what are you, the mascot?

Jalepeno: I prefer the term "Spokes-vegetable."

Woman: Oh.

Announcer VO: Jalapeno's Mexican restaurant... featuring fresh, delicious, authentic Mexican dishes. Open till nine most nights, till 10 Fridays and Saturday. Come to the brand new Jalapeno's Mexican Restaurant on Collamer road for dinner tonight! Or have it delivered for a hot time at home!

Woman: Say Jalapeno, would you like to have dinner at Jalapeno's Restaraunt with me tonight?

Jalapeno: Gee, you know, I would, but I have a hot date with a real tomato.

Woman: You mean a...

Jalapeno: An actual tomato, yeah that's right. She's teaching me to Salsa.

Announcer: The New Jalapeno's Authentic Mexican restaurant... Collamer Road, one mile west of 481 at exit 17.

McLane Northeast
:60 radio CDL Recruitment
07/22/03 SM

Announcer (low-key): Had your Class A Commercial Driver's License with hazmat endorsement for a while now? How's that been workin' for ya? Going alright, huh? You're one of the best, really? Alright, then step up... to McLane Northeast. The average run is 24 hours. Seriously, 24 hours. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, two to three times a week. McLane's highly professional Drivers like their jobs, and their company, and command a salary in the mid 50's in the first year. So when you see the McLane truck, ask the driver yourself. Then call McLane Northeast and ask about the hefty full benefits package, with health, dental, vision, and 401K, nationwide transfers, route change options... ask about the clean trucks and the nice uniforms... You just ask anything you want, you're gonna get an honest answer for a change. McLane wants the best of the best, so applicants are required to have a minimum of 100-thousand miles experience. You'll run legal, log legal, have the opportunity to earn every penny you're worth, and still get to spend more time at home. Call McLane Northeast now toll free at 1-877-m-c-l-a-n-e... and ask for Dave Tallo. You just go ahead and ask for him by name. Step up to McLane Northeast, call 1-877-m-c-l-a-n-e. That's 1-877 McLane.


"Career Fair" :30 Radio
sm 061703

(corporate music under...)
Voice Over: Are you someone who's always dreamed of a career in the media... like radio or TV, but didn't think you were cut out for being in front of the mic or the camera? There are many other career choices in radio and TV that could be perfect for you. Everything from promotion to computers, from business to engineering... even news, advertising, and production. The New York State Broadcasters' Association and the Capital Region Radio and TV stations welcome you to a free career expo! You'll meet Radio and TV people from every field, and discover what career would suit you best. Plan now to attend the free Radio and TV Career Expo, Thursday, September 23rd from 4 to 7 at the Carousel Sky Deck.


:40/:20 donut :60-Radio "Cocktail Hour"
SM 10/22/02

(Under: Light traditional piano jazz, restaurant SFX)
VO: Trio would like to illustrate the fundamental difference between civilization and sophistication. "Happy hour", while certainly a civilized phenomenon, is not necessarily sophisticated. For that, we look to the traditional cocktail hour. Same thing you say? Not true. The cocktail hour is a pause after work for refreshments, to give cherished friends time to arrive before moving on to a sumptuous meal, a memorable experience to be treasured with friends and family. Civilized, yes. Sophisticated? Indubitably!
Trio sports a traditional Italian steak and seafood menu, approached with a non-fussy simplicity, encouraging you to relax, have fun, and enjoy. West Fayette Street in Armory Square; Trio… The possibilities are endless. Trio's Bistecca… featuring aged U.S.D.A. corn-fed midwestern beef. …Juicy, tender creations elevating Steak to a work of art. Whether you choose the Bistecca di Napoli, the Gorgonzola encrusted New York Strip, Stuffed Filet Mignon, or any of the eight signature steaks at Trio, prepare yourself for one delicious meal. Trio takes justifiable pride in their traditional cocktails that transport one to a simpler time. So go ahead, order a Sloe Gin Fizz, a Bloody Mary, or a Boilermaker. Trio offers eight signature cocktails, and nine signature martini's, made from the choicest ingredients. No tuxedo necessary; jeans are fine… all you need is an appreciation of the better things in life.


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